Fabian Tombers (1992, Germany) is a communication designer, researcher and activist who focuses on design as an agent for change.

Design is a tool for the hegemony to keep the power structures in place. To disrupt this we need to venture into the unknown. Question our habits, speculate on our futures and develop new ways of knowing.

Interested in the way educational institutions foster environments that create intersections between learning, teaching, research and practices, he explores what a design practice of resistance may look like.
Learning from absurdists about //reality//

Everyone wants to talk about dystopian future activism

Shoutouts to the solar punks, the transhumanists, the post scarcity anarchists, shoutouts to the xenofeminists, the bodyhackers, the psychonauts and the citizen scientists -
Workers of the solar system unite!
Time: 10:15am
Year: 3019

Computer: Warming up the cryopods and revive the travellers. We are going to reach the end of our jourey soon.


Technical difficulties in the unfreezing procedure lead to a minor deviation from the original plan. All of our travellers have forgotten everything they used to know. In an interview with the onboard AI one of the poor souls reported: “I wish I could remember who I was… or who I am right now. I know that I am on a journey but the destination seems to be blurred. I cannot remember culture, I cannot remember technology, I cannot remember how objects used to relate to each other. Everywhere I look, I see things new.
I am still a human being. I still communicate with language, I can read and I can count. I can feel empathy and I have needs. I perceive the world through my senses. I can see, I can touch, I can hear, I can smell and I can taste. But what I’m sensing around me, the structures and rules that organize the world...
I have to relate them to my new reference frame.”
Things could be different!
Embody your utopias today!
Fuck the police!
Fabian is currently based in Amsterdam,
studying at the design department
{think tank for visual strategies} of the Sandberg Institute.